SHB 1003 Loan Application


If you are applying for an investment property loan, download the forms needed below to complete and return to us for submission to underwriting.

A Conditional Loan Approval and Broker Fee Agreement will be given to you for signature
after preliminary documents are received.

SHB Investment Real Estate Deal Summary Form 

SHB 1003 Loan Application

Business Purpose Letter Instructions - 1 to 4 Unit Residential Investment

Commercial Property Income/Expense Form (2 yrs + YTD) 

Entity Documents Checklist (if titling in name of an entity)

Credit Card Charge Authorization for Real Property Appraisal

SHB Rent Roll Form 

Business Purpose Letter Instructions - Commercial Property

Sample ACORD Certificate of

Sample ACORD Certificate of Property Insurance

Sample EIN letter.jpg

Sample EIN Letter (for business tax ID)

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