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Tami Butler


"Hi, I'm Tami Butler.  Thank you for stopping by On Point Real Estate Advisors. 
When I was 16, I started my first business.  I've always loved the strategy game that comes with taking an idea and turning it into something tangible that adds value.  Helping other people realize their business goals and dreams is a passion of mine.  I also happen to love real estate, and the incredible freedom investing in it brings.  So here we are.
I've met some pretty amazing people over the years, and the following individuals were so gracious as to share their professional opinion and experience in doing business with me.
Just a sampling of what you can expect when we do business.

"Tami is my go-to resource for investment decisions."

Libby Tucker
Real Estate Investor

“Tami is one of the brightest, most enthusiastic and helpful people I know.  Anytime I have a question about real estate, taxes, loans - really, anything, I go to Tami.  She’s incredibly helpful and has advised me on important decisions.  It’s great having Tami in my back pocket as a go-to resource for investment decisions."

"Tami closed a large real estate loan in record time!"

Rhonda Wenner
Real Estate Investor

“I came to Tami with a huge problem for which I needed a large loan rather quickly. She was fast, thorough, and extremely professional. She went over and above what was necessary to get me the loan that I needed, and tracked down and secured all the documents necessary for closing in record time. Tami is very personable and compassionate, and I recommend her wholeheartedly and without hesitation!"

"She saved a large deal, generated add'l revenue for our bottom line."

Mark C. Mason, Jr.
Atlanta Business Capital,LLC

"In the recent past, Atlanta Business Capital had the privilege and opportunity to work directly with Tami Butler and her company on a very delicate and personal project.  First, I met with Tami to discuss the goals and objectives. Second, she outlined the obstacles that could be expected with steps to overcome each. Because of her background in commercial loans, she was able to jump right in and mediate the broken relationship between all working entities and close the commercial project by leveraging her experience and knowledge with the lender.  As President, I was respectfully concerned that we had a failure in communication with our broker, but I am extremely grateful that I was able to work with Tami to mediate and close the deal.  She saved a large deal, repaired our broker partnership, and generated additional revenue for our bottom line." 

"Tami has been my savior."

Peter Vierthaler
Synergy Investments

“Tami has worked with me for two years. She has been my savior by always taking care of challenges and problems that we faced in the business. Tami is very organized and has made our work flow smooth and controlled. We will miss her.  I give Tami my highest recommendation!”

"Extremely knowledgeable and highly ethical."

Patric Quinones
General Manager

“If you are looking to have an exceptional business experience, immediately hire Tami Butler, a first class professional! She is extremely knowledgeable and highly ethical. Quickly, I discovered Tami’s greatest desire and interest was to deliver the highest level of quality service. From my perspective, she embodies a rare combination of people skills, real estate expertise and business communications. Her ability to anticipate future negotiations with opposing parties and take strategic positions to find a calculated way to extract the most favorable outcome is unparalleled. Moreover, Tami’s willingness to accommodate my ever-demanding work schedule was a true testament to her character. Most importantly, Tami is honest, genuine, generous, and dedicate. Throughout the transaction, it was readily evident that my best interests were always her primary concern. I sincerely thank her. With great satisfaction and gratitude, I write this recommendation for Tami.”

"An amazing and innovative business woman."

Aquilla Reed

"Tami Butler is an amazing and innovative business woman whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for the past almost 4 years. She’s a woman of integrity, grit, and knowledge and I would definitely recommend her to any company/employer. Persistent and creative, Tami has a way of thinking outside the box to accomplish her mission. Her motivation and natural optimism lifts anyone she’s around. She is a born leader and an asset to any team."

"Tami's CBR was instrumental in getting the buyer to make an offer."

Bob Brooks
Senior Vice President
Business Team

"Tami worked with us as an agent.  Since she left I've used her on several occasions to prepare CBR's (Confidential Business Reviews) for businesses I was representing. She did an excellent job and worked quickly.  One of the businesses closed escrow in January, and I feel that Tami's CBR was instrumental in getting the buyer to make an offer.  That business had been on the market for six years with another broker.  I would recommend her services to anyone who needed a professional looking presentation package at a reasonable price."

"Always finds a solution."

Debbie Johnson
Mortgage Consultant
21st Century Bank

“Tami is energetic and keeps herself aware of any potential job assignment. She has excellent resources and always finds a solution. She is very experienced and I highly recommend her in a variety of capacities. She works the “extra” day or night to finish her goals!”

"Always goes above and beyond."

Vicki Rocha
Clinical Director
Restorations for Life

“Tami is an accomplished writer and speaker. She is a very talented and gifted business woman. She is very knowledgeable in multiple areas and always goes above and beyond. Tami serves on my Board of Directors for my counseling ministry. She is very knowledgeable about business and legal matters. Tami is multi-talented in many areas and I would highly recommend her for any position.”

"Reliable, efficient, and results-driven."

Douglas Mock
Everest Financial Group, LLC

"Tami [Butler] has worked on a contract basis to assist in the operations of my financial planning business. As a Certified Financial Planner, it is imperative that client correspondence be handled promptly, documents be completed accurately, and nothing gets missed. Tami has demonstrated she is reliable, efficient, and results-driven.  She understands that this is a relationship business, and that managing client relationships is essential - which she does well. In addition to handling day-to-day tasks successfully, she has proven to be an excellent resource and is able to hire and train additional associates. In taking initiative, she developed and completed a Procedures Manual that was helpful in such hiring. She has done interviews for me, and completed all documents necessary with candidates. Her skills and business acumen are exceptional for this line of work, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a take-charge, positive, and well organized person for their team. She functions well in leadership, and requires little if any supervision. I wish her success with anyone further she chooses to work with. I will continue to use her services as needed, and have been well pleased. She is highly recommended."

"Attentiveness to client's needs is most impressive."

Will Brown
Senior Solution Architect
Oracle USA

“I’ve worked with and have consulted with Tami in past endeavors and find her to be a highly motivated and driven professional. Particularly her attention to detail and attentiveness to client's needs is most impressive.”

"A smart, hardworking, enthusiastic expert."

Gary Braley
Public Speaker
Digital Technologist

“Tami is a smart, hardworking, enthusiastic expert on a variety of subjects. She’s lead our speakers’ group for over two years and I’m always amazed at how much new knowledge she collects and presents at each meeting. She has a delightful sense of humor and the events she hosts are well-organized and a joy to attend. She relates well to her audiences and obviously enjoys her work whether it is speaking or organizing and leading a meeting.”

"Very patient with the client, performs at a high standard."

Michelle Weitzman
TME Consulting

"Tami [Butler] worked closely with me as a Project Manager. Tami was hired to help me manage a very large assessment project and she served as the primary contact between the client, the assessment center, and my organization. She was responsible for ordering assessments, tracking the assessments (who had and who hadn’t completed the assessments), ordering the reports and sending the reports to the appropriate person (sometimes within the client organization, sometimes to me directly). In addition, I asked Tami to work on the creation of client documents and working on expense reports. In performing her work, she was extremely professional and detail oriented. When unclear of expectations or unclear of what was needed she asked questions in order to ensure that she performed her work correctly and to a high standard. She established a strong working relationship with the client organization and was able to run the process without much support from me. I relied on her heavily to accomplish the work and she accomplished it well. Tami approaches her work with a detail orientation and desire to learn that I have found hard to find. She was interested in learning my business so that she could be of better assistance. She was able to learn how to work through a fairly complicated process, streamline and make it work more efficiently. She was always very patient with the client, even when it was difficult, and she had a good working relationship with them. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance or support in their business."

"An asset to all privileged to work with her."

Sharon Fecho
Health Coach
Take Shape for Life

“Tami is an amazing person who loves life and it shows in her work. Her enthusiasm and zest for life are seen in all she does, and it is contagious, which makes working with her so much fun! She brings value to anyone or any project she encounters, always helping others be their best. She won’t settle for anything less! Nothing stands in Tami’s way from getting everything accomplished and to perfection. She is an asset to all who have the privilege to work with her!”

"A wonderful person who loves people. "

Bob Carlson
Advance Capital Today

“Tami is a wonderful person who loves people. She is a hard worker and is an asset to whoever she works with.”

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