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Interested in Commercial Real Estate Lending?  

We provide step-by-step training to help you gain experience and knowledge in the world of commercial real estate lending.

For over 23 years, we have been helping brokers like yourself succeed and enter this lucrative aspect of financing.

If you do not want to get into commercial lending, we are happy to provide a referral fee on closed transactions you refer to us.

Train Virtually. Start a New Career!
Great for Mortgage Brokers, Loan Officers, Processors, and Assistants!

Team discounts available.
Virtual Team Meeting

When you're ready to step up to COMMERCIAL LENDING!

Want to Make Money Doing Commercial Loans?

Prepare for Success AND Save Time!

Whether you're a residential mortgage broker interested in learning how to do commercial real estate loans, or a professional looking for a new career, we can help!

With over 23 years of experience in commercial real estate financing on both the broker side (like many of you) and from the inside (working for direct lenders, title companies, and more) - we can help you to avoid many of the common pitfalls that stop loans from funding and wasting your valuable time!

Don't be counting on a paycheck that may not happen.  Get educated.  Learn more about the process.  Commercial real estate loans are not handled the same as residential loans.  They are completely different and require a different skill set.  

That's why we created this course... BREAKING INTO COMMERCIAL LENDING.  So you can learn the basics and have a good foundation to begin your career and venture down the commercial real estate loan funding path.

Now, it's true that you will learn by doing and the more deals you do the more efficient you will get.  But if you do not start with a good base knowledge, you may be just spinning the roulette wheel!  Get the training you need to feel confident.  And if you're running a broker shop, every member of your team should take this course as well - be they a loan officer, processor, or assistant.  A educated team is prepared for the challenges and everyone wants to get paid.  There is no paycheck unless the loan closes.  Period.  So invest in the process.  It will return to you multiplied!

BREAKING INTO COMMERCIAL LENDING is set up in modules.  You train for 5 sessions, 2 hours per session over Zoom.  Once your paid registration is received by us, we will call you right away to schedule your training.  Training is scheduled based on availability on our schedule and what works for yours.

Here's what you'll learn in our LIVE!! 10 module training course (10 total hours):

SESSION 1 – (Modules 1 & 2) – 2 Hours
Module 1:  What to do when a deal comes in the door

In this module, we will go over the right questions to ask your prospective client so you can    
determine if the deal is doable and if it’s worth your time investment to work on it.  You will be
introduced to the flow chart on the commercial loan process, so you can have a better understanding
of what happens when, to enable you to set realistic expectations for your client and team.

Module 2:  Client documents to collect and analyze
There are many documents you need to familiarize yourself with in conjunction with funding a   
commercial real estate loan. We will go over the documents most widely requested by lenders
and review important data to analyze on each.

SESSION 2 – (Modules 3 & 4) – 2 Hours

Module 3:  Lender selection
Many lender options are out there to fund your deals.  We will talk about the different types of   
lenders, how they price deals, how it affects your fees, variances in documentation requirements,
interest rates, fees, and turn times.


Module 4:  Preparing the loan package for the lender
We will discuss what lenders expect from you as a broker, look back at our discussion on the
documents you’ve collected and analyzed, sort out which you need, and how to best present
them to the lender to get a term sheet/conditional loan approval.

SESSION 3 – (Modules 5 & 6) - 2 Hours

Module 5:  Getting the lender term sheet and tips for selling the deal
Here we discuss what term sheets are, how they vary from lender to lender, expectations of you
and the client once it is received, and how you can get your client to sign it!


Module 6:  Broker fees, pricing the deal, your broker fee agreement, and getting paid
This is always important – understanding how you get paid!  Learn how fees in commercial are
different than residential, how to price your deal, set your fees, get it in writing with your broker fee
agreement, and how you get paid.

SESSION 4 – (Modules 7 & 8) - 2 Hours

Module 7:  Third party services required
In this module we will discuss third party service providers, what your responsibility is in the process,
how to prepare your client, and how to communicate with all involved for a smooth transaction.
We will discuss ordering title and understanding common red flags that can hold up your deal, getting
existing mortgage payoffs, working with insurance agents for certs and policy changes, environmental
insurance and cost to your client, what phase 1 and phase 2 reports are, and tips on working
professionally with realtors on purchase transactions.


Module 8:  The appraisal and process
We will go over a sample commercial appraisal, discuss key components of it and how it affects
funding with your lender, the three valuation methods, upfront costs and how to prepare your client,
and look at how lenders determine valuation after the appraisal comes in and how it affects your final
loan amount.

SESSION 5 – (Modules 9 & 10) - 2 Hours

Module 9:  Common problems, managing client expectations, lender slow downs
In this module we will talk about common problems that arise with commercial real estate deals, how
you can work through them, and manage your client’s expectations as well as other professionals
involved in the process.  We will talk about lender issues that may arise at the end, and how you can
either avoid or best prepare for them.


Module 10:  Marketing and finding new deals
We will talk about various sources to find commercial business, how to market yourself as a commercial real estate loan broker, and choose a niche.


When you've completed all the modules,
you'll receive a professional and frameable certificate
to show you've been through the training. 
This is customized with your name and emailed to you.

Ready to get started?  Sign up now!  We're looking forward to helping you reach your professional goals, and have a greater understanding of the commercial real estate loan process so you can make money!

All trainings are currently live by Zoom.  Team discounts are available if you'd like your brokerage to train together.  If this is something you'd like to do on your own time and schedule without coordinating with your team, that's fine too!  We train one-on-one.  If you train with one other person (Training for 2), you do get a discount (reflected in the pricing at sign up).

*Modules are taught in sequence, as they build on one another in the learning process.  When you train with a colleague (the TRAINING FOR 2 package option), you are signing up to train together, during the same time slots. 

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Let us help you make more money!

Serve existing loan clients who own investment properties and get new commercial loan clients.

Be ready... sign up for training today!



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Not Sure if Commercial Lending is for You?

Take Our 1 Hour Intro Course!

Intro Module - Overview of Commercial Lending (residential vs. commercial)

In this module, we will discuss how residential loans differ from commercial loans, and what you can expect if you choose to break into commercial lending.


Note:  This course is paid for separately from the full
10 module training program.  

Need Help with a
Commercial Deal?

Book a Coaching Session!

Whether it's asking a few questions, going over a new deal, or working through an existing, we're just a phone call away to help you!

Book a 30 minute coaching session and we'll help you strategize!

Register above, and once received, we will call you to set up the session ASAP!

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Note: Bigger Paychecks was written prior to the company rebranding.  You'll find it helpful as you break into commercial lending!

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