We provide capital for real estate investment purchases, as well as refinances.

Whether a first-time or experienced investor, we will work with you to get you funded. There are many loan options on the market. We focus on small balance commercial lending for borrowers who prefer a more simplified loan process.  

We fund properties in most states throughout the United States. 

We fund investment single family homes, condos, and 2-4 unit residential (non-owner occupied only) properties.
 fund commercial properties - multi-family, mixed use, office, retail, warehouse, self storage, automotive service (no gas stations).

As a general rule, we do not fund special purpose, raw land, construction, or rural properties.

While we can do loans of any size, small balance commercial is our niche, with ranges typical to the following:

Investment SFR’s – to $2m
Investment 2-4’s – to $2m
Commercial – to $5m


Most of our loans do not require tax returns, income or asset verification from you as the borrower.  We do asset-based lending, and your loan amount will be largely determined by the value of the subject property and maximum LTV allowed by the lender.  A personal guarantee is required.  You may however, title in the name of an entity.  


Here are common documents you can anticipate providing in conjunction with your new loan, at each stage of the process:

Stage 1
This starts the loan process with us. We will have a telephone conference with you to discuss your new loan, prior to submitting your file to a lender.

- Completed loan application (most loans will use form 1003) 
- Current credit report with scores (may obtain for free at or
- Signed and executed purchase agreement (if a purchase loan)


Stage 2
Once we receive a conditional loan approval (CLA), we will provide you with documentation to sign if you accept the new loan terms and wish to proceed.

- Signed conditional loan approval/term sheet (we will provide after discussing your loan options)
- Signed broker fee agreement (we will provide at start of loan process)
- Authorization form to charge credit card for appraisal 

Stage 3
Your new loan will get submitted to the lender, an appraiser assigned to complete the appraisal, and we will collect documents from you necessary to complete underwriting. Our goal is to have all loan conditions (called “stips”) in before the appraisal/valuation gets completed on the property.

We are happy to work directly with you (or an assistant you designate) so all documents can be obtained in a timely manner.

-  Valid driver’s license
-  Social security card
-  Tenant leases 
-  Current rent roll (commercial properties only)
-  Entity documents (if titling in an entity like an LLC) – Articles of Organization/Certificate of Formation,       

Certificate of Good Standing/Existence, signed Operating Agreement, Member List, IRS EIN letter (verifying tax ID number) - other documents may be needed.
-  Operating Statement/P & L (commercial properties only) - past 2 years plus current year-to-date
- Title commitment, CPL, plat/map, tax certification, preliminary settlement statement (we will obtain on your behalf with title/escrow company of choice)
- Evidence of insurance (we will obtain on your behalf with insurance contact)

Note: If possible, it is recommended to provide all documents up-front, at the start of the loan process, for a faster transaction and funding.

Stage 4
In final underwriting, all documents submitted will be reviewed, and any further clarification needed may require additional documents. Once received, the appraisal will also be reviewed by an analyst for a final determination of value. Once both of those are complete, and a “clear to close” is issued, docs will be prepared by the lender and sent to the title/escrow company (selected at the start of the process) for signing. Once signed, your new loan will get recorded, funds will get dispersed, and it’s a done deal!


How quickly your loan closes is determined by how efficient you are in getting necessary documents to us, and also the time it takes to complete the appraisal on the subject property.

Investment 1-4’s – generally close within 21-30 days.
Commercial – generally close within 4 to 6 weeks, depending on appraisal completion time.


If you are under a balloon payoff or other deadline, please let us know at the start of the loan process so we can accommodate you when possible. Hard money loans can close much faster, but the above time frames are realistic for most properties and the loans we fund.


Our residential investment and commercial property mortgage programs are designed for investors who want a simpler (and often faster) loan process than traditional bank loans. Both purchase and refinance loans are available.  

Please note, we do not finance residential 1-4’s where the borrower lives in the property. They must be rental properties. Commercial properties may be owner-user.

We do not finance raw land, construction, or rural properties.


Others are available, but these are our most popular loan programs:

Flex Perm Loan

Uncomplicated and flexible with longer terms.

With flexible underwriting and longer terms, our Flex Perm Loan is designed for investors seeking a simple financing solution for purchase or refinance, along with the flexibility to remain in the loan for up to 30 years.

Key Features:

-  Great for qualifying W-2 and self-employed investors

-  Based on property value, not personal income

-  Best alternative to hard money loans

-  Available as a 3-year-fixed or 30-year-fixed loan, each amortized over 30 years (no balloons!)
-  650 or higher mid credit score required 
-  Up to 75% LTV (loans under 1m)/70% (loans over 1m)
-  Appraisal required

Property Types:

Residential investment 1-4’s (SFR, condo and 2-4 unit)
Commercial - Multi-family 5+ units, mixed-use, office, retail, warehouse, self-storage and automotive – no gas stations


Fast 50 Loan

A low LTV loan with easy credit requirements. 

Our Fast 50 Loan is designed for investors seeking a low LTV loan, fast closing, with reduced credit requirements.

Key Features:

-  Great for borrowers with a recent bankruptcy or notice of default

-  No seasoning of ownership required 

-  Improved pricing compared to our Flex Perm program

-  Derogatory mortgage history is okay
-  Available as a 3-year-fixed or 30-year-fixed loan, each amortized over 30 years (no balloons!)
-  650 or higher mid credit score required
-  Up to 50% LTV

-  Appraisal required

Property Types:

Residential investment 1-4’s (SFR, condo and 2-4 unit)
Commercial - Multi-family 5+ units, mixed-use, office, retail, warehouse, self-storage and automotive – no gas stations).

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